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General Questions

Can I use Bearskin on my screen if it's already cracked or broken?

How long does Bearskin last?

Is Bearskin™ stronger than a case?

Will Bearskin™ harm the camera lenses of my phone?

Can Bearskin™ be applied over my phone's mute button?

Will Bearskin™ cause problems with my phone's home button?

Will Bearskin™ affect the microphone on my device?

Does Bearskin give my phone a matte finish, or otherwise change my phone's appearance?

Can Bearskin be removed from my phone?

Will Bearskin protect my phone from minor drops?

Guarantee terms-our Utterly Insane $100 Protection Plan

How does the Utterly Insane $100 Protection Plan™ work? That's at least twice what I paid for Bearskin!

Does the guarantee cover only the front of the phone or also the back, camera, and sides?


Why do you require a picture of my phone before I register?